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Media Outreach

PMCG's Development Plans

Khatuna Khvichia, new Director at PMCG's USA Office discusses about PMCG's development plans. 

2017 Budget Draft

Mikheil Kukava, Researcher at PMC Research assesses 2017 Budget Draft.

Georgia-Armenia Trade Relations and EEU Membership

Armenia’s integration into the EEU raises new barriers in trade relations between Georgia-Armenia.

What are the Challenges in Georgia-Armenia Trade Relations?

Armenia’s decision to join the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) exempted traders from union member countries from paying value added tax (VAT) and excise tax, thus putting Georgian traders in a disadvantaged position and breaking the…

Armenia-Georgia Trade Relations: Getting close or Distant?

PMC Research together with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS), hosted a presentation and public discussion of the research findings “Armenia-Georgia Trade Relations: Getting close or distant?”.

Georgia-Armenia Trade Relations

Shushanik Safaryan, Researcher at PMC Research comments about the challenges in trade relations between two countries.

Barriers Between Georgia-Turkey Trade Relations

Maya Grigolia, Research Director at PMC Research speaks about the barriers that Georgian businesses face while exporting to Turkey.

Georgia-Turkey Trade Relations

What are the opportunities and challenges in trade relations between Georgia and Turkey, considering the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2007.

Free Trade with Turkey

Discussing opportunities and challenges of Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and Turkey.

New Tax Reform

What are the challenges and opportunities of the new corporate tax reform? Aleksi Aleksishvili, Chairman and CEO at PMCG. 

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